Thursday, June 21, 2012

SharePoint 2010 - Move Managed Metadata Databases (MMD) between Farms

Managed metadata and taxonomy is one of the cool things in SharePoint. If you are responsible for the managment of a multi farm infrastructure with development(DEV), integration(INT) and production(PRO) systems you have to provide a solution for moving managed metadata content across different farms. I tried different approches like export/import, shared service application, etc, but none of them provide a complete solutionö. Andrew Connell is the man who can help you. In his article he describes how to move the whole service database from one farm to another.

Usually taxonomy and term store is managed and maintained on production system. If your developers need a copy of the database for testing purposes, or your project manager needs a up to date integration system, you can just move the database as described in the article.

HINT: I automated the database backup/restore process for repeating actions with MS SQL SSIS. It allows you to prepare a package with all parameters and actions required for the movement.

At the end you get a "click once" deployment between farms! Quite nice..

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